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Data Analysis

Through a range of data collecting tools including VBox, Aim and Cosworth Dominic can help to work through telemetry data to improve your lap times, but also to help improve your understanding of how to read telemetry and  give you the tools to make future improvements yourself.



Being able to understand what the car is doing out on track is a fundamental skill to be able to make improvements - both to the car and to yourself. However, this like any other skill needs to be trained and developed. Dominic can help to improve what to feel for and how to use this to feedback into car setup and driving technique changes.


Driver Coaching

Finding lap-time, consistency and race-craft can be difficult to gain; however, by learning from Dominic's experiences - honed from 20 years of racing - can accelerate your own learning without the damage bills that can come from "learning the hard way". 

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