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In 2024 we will achieve Carbon Net Zero! Working
with Carbon Positive Motorsport, the carbon produced
from the fuel used in both the race car, and in the
private transport used to get to and from the race
tracks, will be fully offset. As well as this, the carbon
impact from the tyres used will also be offset, making
sure motorsport and the world have a future.
The realities of climate change are becoming more
visible every day; governments and companies
across the world are increasingly taking action to
become more sustainable. These environmental
concerns create future risks for our sport, unless we
take steps to reduce our impact on the environment.
Motorsport has always had a key role in helping
develop new technologies, and greener technologies
are no different. We aim to support this drive toward
sustainability with our own Net Zero goal.


With the environmental emergency becoming ever more apparent, we must take steps to address this. This doesn't mean the end of Motorsport, but an opportunity for Motorsport to be an example of how we can all make changes without giving up on what we do and love.

Dominic believes that through taking steps in his own racing, he can show that change doesn't stop the racing. Dominic plans to add to his carbon offsetting of fuel in 2024 by offsetting tyre usage also as well as working with partners to assess transport methods to minimise the impact wherever possible.

There are also opportunities across the wider paddock such as using synthetic oils and fuels in racing, helping develop products for the wider automotive industry. Dominic continues to advocate for these small changes that could make a big difference in the years to come.

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